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Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. There are different types of coffees, such as Espresso, Cappuccino, Mochaccino and many more. The coffee is prepared by brewing roasted coffee beans. Coffee beans are the seeds of berries of the Coffea species plants.

The coffee growers pick ripe berries, dry them and take the seeds out. They roast dry coffee seeds (which are now coffee beans) to different degrees of temperature to get various flavors. The coffee lovers grind these beans and brew with hot water to get the coffee.

According to coffee experts, the coffee as a beverage originated from Yemen. The Sufi saints, in Yemen, grounded, roasted, and brewed coffee seeds in beverage form for the first time around the 15th century. Yemen used to import coffee seeds from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is the original grower of the coffee beans.  But, Yemen started to cultivate coffee plants within no time. Soon, the coffee became popular in Arabian lands and parts of Africa.

Subsequently, it became well-known in Europe too.

At present, coffee has a presence all over the world. The main cultivators of the coffee beans today are Brazil, Vietnam, Columbia, Honduras, Indonesia, and India.

And it travels all the way through distributors, roasters and ultimately wholesale coffee suppliers like us in Singapore.

Let's have a glimpse of Different Types of Coffees in western countries

Instant Coffee

It is the most common coffee around the world. It finds its place in offices, camps, and even in-home kitchens too. As its name denotes, we can prepare this coffee instantly. We take the coffee powder in a tumbler and pour hot water over it. The instant coffee is ready. 


It is an Italian version of the coffee. We have to pass steam by force through the coffee powder with the help of the espresso coffee machine to prepare it. We get coffee with foam on the top of it.

This coffee is the most popular coffee across the globe. Besides, it is a base for other types of coffees.


Doppio is an Italian word for double. We give a double espresso shot to prepare it. It is more popular at present.

Filter coffee 

This coffee has become popular nowadays. Leave the coffee bean in hot or cold water for a few hours. Filter the beans out. You will get a less strong coffee. You can drink it with or without milk.

Caffe Americano

Caffe Americano or American coffee is an innovation of American soldiers during the 2nd world war as coffee was scarce.

They added hot water to a shot of espresso to save the beverage.

It is now very common in American coffee houses.

Long Black

Take hot water in a mug and give two shots of espresso over it to prepare it. We get long black coffee with creamy foam on top of it. It has its origin in the Australian region.


It is a traditional Italian morning coffee. Take a shot of espresso coffee in a mug. Add a shot of steaming milk over it. Finally, add foaming milk on the top. Your Cappuccino is ready. You can add the chocolate powder over it as per our taste.

Caffe Latte or Coffee with milk 

This coffee has a single shot of espresso over hot milk. It is the simplest coffee yet it is a very popular one.

Flat White

It, too, has its origin in the Australian region. We take a shot of espresso in a cup and pour creamy hot milk over it. A tasty milky coffee is ready.

Macchiato or Piccolo Latte

It is similar to Cappuccino. We take a shot of espresso in a tumbler and add foamed milk in it. The result is a tasty brew.  


The cortado has more milk in it than the macchiato. Thus, it tastes milkier.


If we add chocolate syrup in Caffe Latte, we get this drink. We may add whipped cream in it to enhance the taste. It is popular among beginners.

Irish Coffee

To make the Irish Coffee, mix the coffee with Irish whiskey and sugar. Top up it with a thick layer of cream. Due to the presence of alcohol, it is not very popular among coffee lovers.


We mix two shots of espresso well, and we add whipped-cream into it in place of milk and sugar. It has a flavor of espresso with the velvety touch of cream.


Give a shot of espresso over the ice cream or any other dessert. You have your Affogato.

Red Eye

We pour a shot of espresso over the coffee brew. The caffeine content in this coffee is very high.

Black Eye

The black eye has an even higher content of the caffeine than the red-eye. We pour two shots of the espresso over a coffee brew to prepare it.

Cold Brew Coffee

Mix coffee powder with cold water in a mixer. Put this mixture in the refrigerator for a few hours. A low caffeine beverage is ready.

Cold Coffee 

Take the coffee powder, milk, sugar, and ice. Mix these ingredients well in a mixer. You will get a foamy cold beverage. Pour it in glass and top up it with some cream. It is a refreshing drink for hot summer noons. It is a very popular summer drink.

Lemon Espresso

Pour one or two shots of espresso in the cup. Put it in a fridge for some time to cool down. Add some drops of lemon juice and ice. A very nourishing drink is ready.

Nitro Coffee

We pass nitrogen gas through a cold coffee brew to make Nitro Coffee. The nitrogen is an inert gas. It produces foam to make the coffee thick and tasty.

Final Thoughts 

Coffee has been a widely consumed beverage for a long time.  Each region of the world has its special flavor of the coffee. Above were the most prevalent different types of coffees. We hope this article gives you an insight into the coffee family. 

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We take pride in processing our beans the traditional way to give you a great cup of coffee every time.

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