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Arabica Varieties

Lightly roasted to develop the unique characteristic of each region's arabica coffee beans

Brazil Cerrado

Chocolate and slightly earthy
Cerrado coffee is a well balanced coffee with low acidity and a good mouthfeel. 

It has caramel notes when lightly roasted but becomes chocolatey when having a darker roast.
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Sumatra Mandheling

Chocolate and Licorice
Mandheling is known as much for its smooth and full body, which contributes a rich mouthfeel.

It has just enough acidity to provide a vibrant and complex flavour profile that some describe as sweet chocolate with licorice.
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Hazelnut, Apricot, Vanilla
Honduran coffee has a soft acidity  which complements it's nutty and robust flavour well.

Some describe the aroma as a combination of vanilla, caramel and apricot.

Overall it's a very well balanced coffee.
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Robusta Varieties

Dark roasted to bring out the greater depth and flavour


Woody, dark chocolate
Lampung Coffee is well-known for its Robusta Coffee with the unique and strong robusta taste and flavour. It has medium acidity and has a woody and dark chocolate flavour

Arabica available in both Roasted Beans and Powder

At Coffee & Nuts, we understand that there are different preferences for drinking coffee.

Some prefer to grinding their own coffee at home to maximise aroma while others enjoy the convenience of having coffee anytime, anywhere without equipment.

That is why we now offer ground coffee powder with individual drip bags for you to have great quality coffee anytime, anywhere.

Recommended Serving Size

Our recommended golden ratio is 15g - 20g of coffee powder depending on strength preference for one cup of coffee.

We recommend consumption within 4 weeks of roasting date to retain flavour.

Our ground coffee powder + drip bags

We have a fixed rate for Arabica coffee regardless of type.

Our drip bags are also tested for optimum contact time to prevent over or under extraction of coffee.
Good for 20 - 25 cups of coffee
25 drip bags included
$19.90 per pack
Recommended for light coffee drinkers 
Good for 60 - 100 cups of coffee
100 drip bags included
$70 per pack
Recommended for heavy coffee drinkers
Coffee and Nuts is a traditional coffee powder and beans wholesaler in Singapore. 

We take pride in processing our beans the traditional way to give you a great cup of coffee every time.

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