Looking for a quality coffee supplier in Singapore?

Select from our wide range of Quality coffee, delivered right to your doorstep. 

What kind of coffee do we have?

We are a boutique supplier of locally roasted traditional coffee powder that you see in our coffeeshops

Roasted Coffee Beans

Choose and mix from a variety of pre roasted coffee beans to select concentration of coffee to get a unique flavor for your coffee. 

Pick the Best Coffee Bean Supplier

Coffee powder

Our Coffee powder is Freshly grounded the day before for the maximum freshness when you make your cup of coffee in the morning

Instant Coffee

We hold various brands of instant coffee that you can add on to your order.

Coffee and Nuts has a rich history

Coffee and Nuts ( CAN ) was formally known a Jireh coffee. We have been a premier nanyang coffee supplier, delivering the traditional coffee taste that many of our older generations are used to


Coffee and Nuts was started back in 1975 by a coffee enthusiast. Our traditional nanyang coffee is found in major coffee shop outlets and our flavour profile is robust that regulars keep asking for more.

Coffee and Nuts has since been handed down to the second generation.


Our vision is to help traditional coffee become a staple not only in the coffee shops but convenient to consume at home or in an office environment.

Everyone should have access to coffee at anytime, just like having a wine bar, you can have a coffee station right at home.

We aim to be the premier coffee manufacturer and coffee distributor in singapore.

Do you roast your own coffee powder?

We have developed a great relationship with expert roasters to roast our imported coffee beans to the highest standards. We do our own grinding to ensure that the powder is of the right consistency to create maximum aroma. We handle the distribution aftewards.

Are you a coffee supplier for coffee shops?

Yes, we primarily supply regularly to a wide network of coffee shops in Singapore. You can find our Coffee in Yishun and many other parts in Singapore. We are also part of the coffee manufacturing process when it comes to grinding.

Can you supply coffee for my shop?

Yes we can, simple drop us a mail at supplier@can.com.sg and we will get back to you immediately on the range of coffee we have

How is your coffee different from other suppliers?

This question is very interesting because all coffee suppliers hold a unique range of coffee. Minor differences in the ratio of condiments in roasting can affect the taste. Time differences in roasting can affect the intensity. Therefore every coffee that you purchase is unique in its own way and you should always choose a coffee supplier that best suits the tastebuds of your customers.
Their delivery timings are exceptional, every week we get our daily fix of coffee delivered earlier than expected.

The taste speaks for itself, everyone should try it. 

I think they are a really great supplier.

Gin Wigmore

A regular corporate client at Coffee & Nuts

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