Honduras Coffee Bundle 250g x 10


Looking for a quality coffee powder bundle for family, friends, or colleagues?

Honduras coffee is widely popular in central America and man states around the world for its complexity and nutty flavor.

The flavors will vary depending on the region they're from, but some common tastes are a combination of darker and more caramel notes, along with lighter notes like tropical fruits and berries. The flavor of Honduran coffee has also been described as having notes of apricot, and chocolate.

Choose whether to receive your coffee in powder or whole beans form.

Coffee powder is medium-fine grind.

Drip bags not included.

You can enjoy a 10% discount for orders of a single type of bean 5 Kg and above at the checkout page.


Delivery Information

Please allow a lead time of 1 week for your coffee to be roasted and 3-5 days for delivery.
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Coffee and Nuts is a traditional coffee powder and beans wholesaler in Singapore. 

We take pride in processing our beans the traditional way to give you a great cup of coffee every time.

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