How to brew the perfect cup of coffee

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Coffee has been the most preferred brew in human civilization since time immemorial.

It was a part of the Arab culture and economy in the medieval period. It finds its place in various scriptures and literary pieces of Arab culture. 

The Sufi saints used to drink this brew to stay awake during rituals. Major trade routes and every village in Arabian land had coffeehouses at that time.   

Coffee did not remain confined to Arabs. From here, it reached North Africa and Europe. It became a part of European culture very soon. European people experimented with coffee to make different types of coffee brews. European invasion to the other parts of the world, at that time, helped coffee to reach the rest of the world.

Despite being it of an Arabic and African origin, it is prevalent all over the world.

Almost all the places in the world have coffee houses or restaurants which serve coffee. The major producers of the coffee beans are Brazil, India, Indonesia, Honduras, Vietnam, and Columbia. 

Coffee lovers roast and grind these beans to make different types of coffee brews. Some types of coffees are Espresso, Doppio, and Filter coffee, Caffe Americano, Long Black, Flat White, Caffe Latte, Macchiato, Cortado, and Cold Coffee. These have a good taste and flavor. But to make the perfect cup of coffee, one requires a lot of experience and effort.

If you want a perfect cup of coffee at home in the morning, you will have to brew it yourself.

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There are various ways and methods to brew coffee. But, you will have to fulfill some requirements and follow some tips to brew the perfect cup of coffee.


  • Purchase Fresh Roasted Beans 

For a perfect brew, you must definitely use freshly roasted beans!!

Beans lose their aroma and flavor after a few days of roasting. If you are buying from a big store, go for a properly sealed package with the most recent packing date.

If you are buying from a local boutique coffee roaster or coffee wholesaler, then you can rest assured that your beans are freshly roasted.

  • Proper Storage 

Store the beans in an airtight jar away from light and moisture.

The moisture, in the presence of light, takes away freshness.

Moreover, we should try to consume the beans within 3 or 4 days of purchasing. 

  • Purchase the right beans for your flavour preference 

 There are two common types of coffee beans - Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica is the most prevalent type for its aroma and flavor.

Robusta has a harsher flavor and higher caffeine content. 

But, in the market, you will get many hybrid varieties under various brand names. You should choose a coffee with a good flavor and aroma. Moreover, it should have caffeine as per your liking, and it should be suitable for your pocket too.  

  • Grinding

Nowadays, ground coffee is available in the market, but it will be better if you grind beans yourself. So, you can be sure of the purity as some coffee powder comes filled with fillers such as corn and maize.

  • Good Filters 

You should use a filter paper of good quality to have good results, sedimentation can ruin the mouthfeel and smoothness of a good brew.

  • Water  

Water should be chlorine-free. In our home taps, we get water with chlorine. You should use good water filters to make water chlorine-free. 

  • Kitchen Scale  

Get a kitchen scale to weigh the coffee.  It will enable you to measure the exact quantity of coffee for a cup of the perfect brew.

Having fulfilled the above requirements, we now move on to the tips to brew the coffee. 


  • Clean your coffee making pieces of equipment and filters with clean and warm water, and let those get dry
  • Measure your coffee grounds or coffee beans. Take 15 grams of coffee for 8 oz or 225 ml of water.
  • If you have whole coffee beans, grind those till you get fine granular coffee.
  • You have to use cold, filtered, and chlorine-free water to brew the coffee to get the best flavor. Heat it to 99o Celsius. If the water is boiling, remove it from the heat and let it cool down by a few degrees. 
  • Consume your coffee within half an hour of brewing. It starts losing its flavor and aroma if kept for a long time.
  • You can brew your coffee by any of the following types as per your liking and availability of equipment. 

Types of coffees you can brew in your home.

Pour Over 

Take chlorine-free water in a pot to boil. Boil it for a few minutes. If you have ground coffee, it is good. If not, grind your beans till these convert into fine grains. Take a filter and rinse it with warm water to clean it. 

Attach the filter in the brewing pot. Take the ground coffee and spread it evenly on the filter. Remove the water from the heat. 

Take water in a dispenser and pour slowly on the coffee to soak it until it starts to drip. It will bloom coffee. 

Wait for a few minutes. Pour the remaining water on the coffee.  It will drip into the brewing pot. Your coffee is ready to serve.


If you in a hurry to reach your office, but at the same, you want to have a good cup of coffee to start your day, it is the best beverage. But you will need a drip coffee machine. 

Put the ground coffee in the filter basket and place it into the drip machine. Turn round the water jet over it.

Fill the clean and chlorine-free water at the back of the machine and turn it on. After some time, it will stop bubbling. Coffee is ready.

French Press 

Boil the clean and chlorine-free water in a pot. Put the coffee grounds in the French press. Remove the boiling water from the heat. Wait for a few minutes. Add the water to the coffee grounds, simultaneously keep stirring. Put the lid on. Wait for a few minutes. Press the plunger. You can take your coffee out of the French press.

Final Thoughts

It is clear from the above article that to find the answer of -How to brew the perfect cup of coffee- we need good fresh coffee beans or ground coffee, clean water, some coffee making devices, and a little patience. By fulfilling the above requirements and, following above mentioned tips, you can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee

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