Looking for the best coffee bean supplier in Singapore?

Choose ethically source coffee beans from the region. 

The type of beans make all the difference

There are four main types of Coffee Beans currently in the market, Arabica, Robusta, and the less common Liberica and Excelsa coffee beans

Specialized in Arabica Beans

We offer a wide range of top grade Arabica Coffee beans selected from across the globe.

Roasted Fresh

We roast the coffee beans weekly to maintain the bean's flavour and depth upon delivery.

Competitive Price

We are in for the long term partnership, that is why you will find our prices are very reasonable despite our superior quality.

From Roasting to delivery

How our coffee beans are processed

Quality Coffee Beans arrived at our warehouse

We personally visit our suppliers from various regions to select the best beans that suit our local palate. 

We have been doing this for many decades so we can discern good quality beans just by site.

Sent to Expert Roasters 

We work with a network of expert roasters to roast your coffee beans with the right quantity of sugar and butter to create that distinctive coffee flavour

Quality Control

We sample each batch of beans that is roasted to ensure the highest quality. Lower quality batches are separated into lower grade coffee beans.


Without any machinery, we manually sort and pack this bins into our Traditional metal tins to be delivered to you when you order from us.

Enjoy your cup of Coffee

Savour our dedication and commitment to our traditional processes in your cup of coffee from a traditional coffee supplier in Singapore.
Coffee and Nuts is a traditional coffee powder and beans wholesaler in Singapore. 

We take pride in processing our beans the traditional way to give you a great cup of coffee every time.

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